Defective Products

Defective Product Liability

If you have suffered a personal injury caused by defective or faulty products, you may have a product liability case. Such injuries are more common than most people think. Every year, millions people are injured by defective consumer products (

Unfortunately, victims too often bear the burden of medical bills, lost work, pain and suffering and other consequences themselves. In Nevada, a manufacturer, distributor, or reseller that sells a product that causes harm may be held liable for damages. This is true for ultra-hazardous activities as well.
In Nevada, you do not need to prove negligence. Nevada product liability law establishes where liability exists. Our Las Vegas defective products attorney will help you prove that the liability is consistent with the law, and that the product or activity was the cause of your injuries.

Having established that, you’ll be entitled to recover compensatory damages:
Medical Bills
Property Loss
Property Damage
Lost Wages
Lost or Diminished Earning Capacity
Pain and Suffering
There may be other damages and many factors and facts may exist that can shape the outcome of your case.

It is important to contact us for legal representation as soon after your injury as possible.

We offer a no recovery, no fee policy in personal injury matters.

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