Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident happens in an instant, but the effects of that accident can impact your entire life. You may have suffered:
  1. Serious Bodily Injury
  2. Loss of Income
  3. Your Ability to Engage in Activities
  4. Emotional Distress
  5. Daily Pain and Suffering
The legal system is complex, and insurance companies and other parties will do everything possible to minimize the value of your claim. We understand the legal complexities and potential factors that impact the value of your case. We are legally prepared to do everything necessary to recover damages and get your life back.

What happens after a motorcycle accident is critical.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is essential that as many details as possible are recorded as soon as possible. The scene of any accident is hectic. Your recollection, as well as that of witnesses can diminish quickly.

Also what you say to insurance companies, medical personnel, police or even the at-fault driver can have a severe impact on your ability to recover damages. The importance of contacting Spartacus Law Firm for early representation cannot be understated.
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Get the Compensation You Deserve

If a motorcycle accident occurs, our focus is on you, and your medical, emotional and financial recovery. Here’s what you can expect:
Conduct all negotiations
Arrange recorded statements, depositions, or independent medical examination.
We handle all aspects of your property damage, including compensation for your vehicle.
We conduct a thorough investigation of the accident and the accident scene.
We handle all communications and negotiations with the insurance company.
We advise you if you are entitled to money damages (compensation) pursuant to Nevada law.

Getting You Back on Your Feet

We have a listing of competent medical practitioners that assist in your physical rehabilitation, and are experts in their respective fields. We have a roster of renowned expert witnesses, so your case benefits from credible testimony on difficult issues.

Our Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will handle all aspects of your personal injury case. We will not hand off important elements of your case to paralegals or other staff. It is our policy at all times, and in all matters of your legal case, to provide the best and most competent legal representation.

Attorney Chandon S. Alexander protects the rights of the injured and helps his clients to recover not only from their injuries, but also recover their lives.
motorcycle accident

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Home, virtual, and jail visits are available.
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