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Building lasting relationships with our clients through communication, honesty, and commitment! Money should not prevent you from receiving the quality legal representation that you need, learn more about your financing options now.

Making Legal Assistance More Affordable

Legal Financing in LAS VEGAS, NV

Are you hesitating to call a lawyer because you’re concerned about the cost of legal service? You’re not alone. Most people put off calling an attorney for help because they’re unsure of their ability to pay legal fees. Unfortunately, however, waiting can harm one’s chances of overcoming legal challenges.

At the Spartacus Law Firm, we don’t think that should stop people from getting the help they need. That’s why we offer legal financing solutions to help make our services more accessible.

We know it’s not always easy to afford the upfront cost of legal services. Whether your credit is great or not, we can offer the legal support you need for a criminal defense or professional licensing matter with financing options. By breaking down your legal fees into sensible monthly payments, you can feel more confident about taking on necessary challenges with experienced and capable attorneys at your side.


These financing methods have been approved by the American Bar Association, paving the way for attorneys to offer their clients an additional way to pay legal fees.

Until recently, clients who were unable to pay the necessary legal fees required to retain an attorney of choice were shut out of the legal system and were often overrun by better-funded opponents. The resulting disparity in access to justice has often resulted in outcomes that heavily favored those with greater financial means.

The issue of legal fees has presented an obstacle and tremendous challenge for many middle-class and working families. The result may have been the inability to seek redress through the courts due to the average family being unable to pay a fee of thousands of dollars, as is often requested by lawyers to take on a new case.

Contact the Spartacus Law Firm directly to get access to 30+ lenders without impacting your credit score.

Financing FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

We created this FAQ section to provide you with answers to more general questions that we commonly hear from those interested in financing. However, at the Spartacus Law Firm, we can answer any additional questions you may have if they’re not listed here. Please call us at (702) 660-1234 for more specific answers to your important questions.

LawPay is an online payment processing and management solution used by various types of law firms, including bankruptcy law firms, family law firms, criminal defense law firms, immigration law firms, enterprise legal departments, and CLE firms. LawPay integrates with over 30 law practice management solutions.
EPay presents borrowers with over 30 different lenders and banks. Conversely, LawPay runs strictly through Affirm financing via ClientCredit which is on our payment portal, marked under the "pay later" option. LawPay is just another alternative for our clients as we would like to present as many options as possible for you to receive the quality legal services that you require.  We encourage you to use which ever option best suits your needs and are readily available to help answer any questions that you may have about the process.

The Spartacus Law Firm has a relationship with ePay Management that will allow our clients to easily seek outside third-party financing of legal fees without impacting your credit score.  Please contact us today to discuss your financing options.  In the alternative Client Credit through Law Pay is also available.

ClientCredit is a legal fee financing solution exclusively available through LawPay. With ClientCredit, you can receive the quality legal defense needed while still being able to have flexible options to pay a loan through automated installments.

The Spartacus Law Firm has no other function in the financing process other than to make financing available to clients who have an immediate need for legal services but are unable to pay the full amount themselves.  The Spartacus Law Firm is not responsible for the application and approval process, loan origination, loan structure, collections procedures, nor for any other aspect of lender practices for any applicant.  Consequently, your first payment and your payment amount will be determined by you and your lender.

We offer over 30 different lenders for you to research and choose from. This way you can rest assured knowing that your best interests are considered. Although some lenders have stricter lending thresholds than others, we're confident that we can help find a solution that works for you.

ePay Management provides a multi-lender platform that delivers financing offers direct to you for up to $100,000. They approve individuals with credit scores as low as 600, and offer terms up to 60 months -- with rates from 5.99% to 35.99% subject to income & credit. For many clients, this can result in low monthly payments even on cases involving relatively substantial legal fees.

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