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Las Vegas Funeral Director License Defense Lawyer

Last Modified: December 18, 2023

Defending Funeral Director’s Licenses in Nevada

After years of dedicated instruction, completing your apprenticeship, and passing the licensing exam, you have invested significant time and money to become a licensed funeral director in Pennsylvania. However, it only takes one complaint or mistake to undo all your hard work. The Nevada State Funeral Board holds its licensees to high standards of ethical conduct and professional excellence. An allegation of breaching these standards could lead to an investigation and potential suspension or revocation of your license. Without a license, your livelihood is compromised.

To steer clear of such an undesirable result, it is crucial to promptly secure the services of a seasoned funeral director license defense lawyer in Las Vegas at the first hint of trouble. Timely intervention by a skilled legal practitioner can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. When allegations of misconduct threaten your livelihood, you need skilled and experienced legal representation. Contact the Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers at (702) 660-1234 for a consultation and to discuss your case.

Regulations For Funeral Directors & Embalmers

Funeral directors and embalmers have a profound responsibility to support individuals during their most challenging times. They invest considerable time and effort to handle these situations with utmost professionalism and moral support. Consequently, discovering complaints and allegations can be exceedingly difficult. Funeral directors and embalmers may face the risk of license revocation or disciplinary action for engaging in certain behaviors, which may include:

  • Failure to file death certificates promptly
  • Failure to properly fill out a services contract
  • Improper handling of human remains
  • Unprofessional or unethical conduct
  • Substandard funeral director practices
  • Practicing on an expired license
  • Criminal convictions for offenses such as murder, sexual assault, or robbery
  • Improper recordkeeping or filing false records with state agencies
  • Sister-state disciplinary action against a funeral director or embalmer license
  • Mental illness, substance abuse, or physical impairment

Once a complaint is filed with the Nevada State Funeral Board, an investigation is initiated into the funeral director or embalmer. During this stage, it is crucial to fully comply with all requests, demands, or subpoenas for documentation. While the investigation may seem intrusive and unfair, it offers an opportunity for the licensee to present their own defense. Licensees should be aware of their right to consult an attorney before providing any statements to the investigator regarding their business or the allegations.

Subsequently, the Board will review all the gathered information from the investigation to determine whether to proceed with administrative action against the licensee. If the Nevada State Funeral Board lacks sufficient evidence to support the allegations, the charges will be dismissed.

However, if there is enough evidence, the licensee can request a formal hearing before the Board to contest the suspension or revocation of their license. During the hearing, evidence will be presented, witness testimony will be recorded, and the licensee will have the opportunity to appeal an unfavorable decision.

Understanding The Disciplinary Process for Funeral Directors in Nevada

Each state has its own set of protocols for licensing boards to determine disciplinary action, and Nevada is no exception. While the exact steps may vary, most states follow a similar framework, such as the one outlined below:

  • Complaint: The initiation of disciplinary actions often stems from the filing of a formal complaint against you with your state’s funeral director licensing board.
  • Investigation: Following the complaint, the board will commence an investigation to assess its validity and gather supporting evidence. You may be requested to provide a written response or submit relevant documentation. The board also holds the authority to issue subpoenas for documents or conduct witness interviews.
  • Consent decree: In cases where substantial evidence exists, you may be offered the opportunity to sign a consent decree as an alternative to undergoing a formal hearing. By signing the consent decree, you effectively admit guilt and agree to abide by the board’s disciplinary action, often with a predetermined path toward restoration.
  • Hearings: If a consent decree is not reached, a hearing will be conducted where the evidence will be reviewed, and you will have the opportunity to present your side of the story. The hearing may take place directly before the board or before an Administrative Law Judge, and you have the option to be represented by an attorney.
  • Board action: Following the hearing, the board will deliberate on the determination of guilt or innocence and decide on the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken.

During any stage of the process, the Nevada State Funeral Board holds the authority to dismiss your complaint if there is insufficient evidence or negotiate reduced penalties, allowing you to retain your funeral director license. Engaging the services of a proficient funeral director license defense attorney in Las Vegas can greatly enhance your chances of achieving either of these outcomes.

Las Vegas Criminal Defense ATTORNEY

What Types Of Offenses Could Result In The Revocation Of A Funeral Director’s License?

Funeral directors may face disciplinary actions over a wide range of allegations. Among the most common are:

  • Gross negligence and incompetence: This often entails mishandling the deceased, such as improper embalming, mixing ashes with those of another, unethical treatment of the body, misplacing cremated remains, or burying at the wrong gravesite.
  • Misconduct: Examples may include taking advantage of emotionally vulnerable customers through upselling services, mishandling customer funds, or engaging in verbal/emotional abuse.
  • Fraudulent practices: Examples include overcharging customers, false advertising, or engaging in insurance billing fraud.
  • Substance abuse/addiction: Being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs while on the job can lead to losing your license.
  • Criminal convictions: Being convicted of certain crimes, especially those involving moral turpitude, can result in the loss of your license.

Are There Alternative Disciplinary Measures That Enable Me to Retain My License?

Yes, while license revocation is the most severe form of disciplinary action, the Nevada State Funeral Board may also impose lesser penalties as it deems appropriate. These may include:

  • Temporary suspension
  • Probation
  • Conditional agreements (e.g., attending mandatory treatment in exchange for your license being kept)
  • Formal reprimand

It is important to note that even minor penalties can significantly impact your career as any disciplinary action taken against you becomes public record. This means that customers and potential employers have the ability to review your license and consider any actions that have been taken against you, potentially influencing their decision to collaborate with you. To reduce the chance of this kind of outcome, it is always best to consult a professional license defense attorney.

When Should I Contact A License Defense Attorney?

Right away. Instead of waiting for a formal meeting summons, it is wise to hire a professional license defense attorney promptly. By then, the licensing board would have already built a case against you. Engaging a skilled embalming and funeral director license defense lawyer as soon as possible increases the likelihood of a favorable resolution, and may even help you avoid a hearing altogether.

Contact Our Las Vegas Funeral Director License Defense Lawyer Now

When it comes to misconduct allegations in license investigations, presumed innocence is not guaranteed. The Nevada State Funeral Board takes all wrongdoing accusations seriously and is dedicated to protecting the public interest. They determine guilt or innocence based on evidence and have broad authority for disciplinary actions. You’re at a disadvantage once a complaint is filed.

Hiring an experienced defense attorney can level the playing field and help minimize damage to your career. An attorney can respond to the complaint to potentially get it dismissed early. They can gather evidence and witnesses, negotiate with the Board, and present your case effectively. An attorney can make a difference in keeping your funeral director’s license. Don’t let a mistake or false allegation derail your hard-built career. Contact the Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers at (702) 660-1234 for a consultation.

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