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Do You Need A Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Facing the potential consequences of an arrest can be one of the most difficult experiences in your life. We strive to minimize the harsh consequences of an arrest and deliver quality legal representation to persons accused of committing a criminal offense. Although our office is in Las Vegas, NV, we extend our services to those in Reno, NV, and the surrounding areas.

Those facing serious criminal charges deserve to be defended by a top Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer who has extensive knowledge of Nevada law and trial experience.

At the Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers, we adopt an aggressive trial-centered approach to persons accused of committing a crime. We provide aggressive, knowledgeable, quality representation at every stage of a criminal case, from the pre-arrest investigation, bond reduction hearings, arraignment, disposition hearings, motion hearings, and a jury trial. 

The earlier you can invoke quality legal representation the chances of harsh consequences, like an arrest, can be mitigated or avoided altogether.

About Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers

Attorney Chandon S. Alexander developed a keen interest in the legal profession after witnessing an attorney providing his father with incorrect counsel on business matters. This firsthand experience instilled in Chandon the significance of receiving competent legal advice and the perils associated with legal incompetence.

During his academic journey at the University of Minnesota Law School, Chandon S. Alexander demonstrated exceptional dedication to his studies, distinguishing himself among his peers. 

He further showcased his advocacy skills by participating in the Civil Rights Moot Court. Seeking to deepen his comprehension of the law, Chandon Alexander embarked on a teaching role at the University of South Florida in Tampa, where he graduated with advanced honors (Magna Cum Laude).

Attorney Alexander holds memberships in esteemed professional associations, including the Clark County Bar Association, the Nevada Justice Association, and the American Bar Association. Additionally, he actively engages with the National Trial Lawyers Association and has received recognition as one of the Top 10 Attorneys Under 40.

Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer

Chandon Alexander interviewed on Las Vegas News Channel 3 as an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer.

When Your Future Is On The Line, Trust Our Award-Winning Las Vegas Criminal Defense Law Firm

As a Las Vegas criminal lawyer, Attorney Chandon S. Alexander draws upon his extensive knowledge, legal training, and vast experience to offer unparalleled professional counsel to his clients. From an early age, he acquired a profound understanding of the crucial significance of competent legal representation, which now drives his commitment to deliver the highest quality of service.

Whether faced with a misdemeanor offense or confronted with severe felony charges carrying significant prison terms, Chandon Alexander recognizes that your case holds paramount importance in your life. He firmly upholds the belief that all clients are presumed innocent until proven guilty and asserts that every individual, regardless of their personal background, socioeconomic status, or the gravity of the alleged offense, deserves exceptional legal representation.

Contact Attorney Chandon S. Alexander today to schedule a complimentary consultation, during which you can discuss your legal matter in confidence and explore the best course of action.


We do not shy away from any case, no matter how large or small they may seem. We have represented minor cases like petit larceny, all the way up to serious charges including, but not limited to, firearms, sex crimes, and federal crimes.






Theft &



Step By Step of a Las Vegas Criminal Case

First things first, it’s important that you speak with one of the best Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible. Getting speedy legal help is crucial to ensure a defendant’s rights are protected and enough time is allowed to create a strong defense. In many cases, a person may be charged with a crime before they are arrested, if this happens, a judge will issue an arrest warrant. If the police find you, they will arrest you. At this time, the police must give you a copy of the warrant that states the charge and explains why you’re being arrested. Regardless of why you are arrested, you must know that you have the constitutional right to the following:

Remember, before you speak with or try to explain yourself to a police officer make sure you or a family member contact a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney first.

The Spartacus Law Firm will make sure your rights are fully protected and help you understand the best way to proceed. If you were denied these rights at any time, your rights may have been violated and you must let your attorney know this at once, you may have grounds to suppress evidence, or challenge a search of your residence or vehicle. It’s important to understand that if you do decide to speak to law enforcement, your statements will be on record and they may be misconstrued. This means that there is a possibility that these statements could be used against you. Your side of the story can best be told clearly and strategically through your experienced legal counsel.

Those facing serious criminal charges deserve to be defended by a top Las Vegas criminal defense attorney that has extensive knowledge of Nevada law and trial experience.

Those facing serious criminal charges deserve to be defended by a top Las Vegas criminal defense attorney that has extensive knowledge of Nevada law and trial experience.

Call Us Anytime for Qualified Legal Help

If you find yourself facing arrest for a criminal offense or being subjected to an investigation, it is imperative to take prompt action. By actively seeking guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney, you significantly enhance the likelihood of obtaining a reduced sentence or even a complete dismissal of the charges against you.

Attorney Chandon S. Alexander, a highly accomplished Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, boasts an exceptional record of success. Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers is readily available around the clock, 24/7, ensuring immediate and efficient representation for your legal needs. Waste no time and contact us without delay to secure our professional services.

DUI Defense

In Nevada, a DUI, otherwise known as Driving Under the Influence, means you are accused of operating a vehicle while significantly impaired by alcohol or other mind-altering substance. However, DUI cases in Las Vegas are almost never cut and dry.

Even if your breathalyzer or blood test came back over the limit, there are often many issues an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Clark County can use to get the charges reduced – or even dismissed. Remember, being proactive in your defense is critical for increasing your odds of a favorable outcome.

No matter if it’s your first, second, or third DUI offense in Nevada, there are defense strategies available to reduce or even dismiss the charges.

Drug DUI

Underage DUI

Commercial DUI

Marijuana DUI

DUI w/ Substantial Bodily Harm

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence cases are vigorously prosecuted in the State of Nevada. If convicted of domestic violence charges in Las Vegas, you could face serious penalties including high fines and possible jail time. Keep in mind, being charged with domestic battery does not make you guilty. 

Many times, the accusation is very different from what really happened. As a result, you may have been improperly charged. However, the domestic violence laws in Nevada strongly favor the alleged victim, and arrests are often made with little to no evidence. 

If you’re facing domestic violence charges, a skilled Las Vegas criminal lawyer can help you begin building your defense. Common domestic violence charges we commonly handle include the following:

Domestic Battery

Domestic Violence By Strangulation

Domestic w/ Deadly Weapon

First Domestic Violence Offense

Second Domestic Violence Offense

Third Domestic Violence Offense

Drug Crimes

No matter the circumstances, the Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers will aggressively challenge the prosecutor’s case and demand that they prove every element of the alleged Las Vegas drug crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Drug crimes are one of the most common types of criminal charges in Las Vegas. 

However, penalties for these crimes, if convicted, can be life-altering. Further, we’ve witnessed countless examples of prosecutors failing to have sufficient evidence to support a drug charge, or alternatively, attempting to use evidence that was improperly obtained. 

Protect yourself by hiring a top Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to protect your legal rights. Common drug charges we routinely represent include the following: 

Federal Drug Offenses

Drug Cultivation

Drug Delivery

Drug Distribution

Drug Importation

Drug Manufacturing

Drug Paraphernalia

Drug DUI

Drug Possession

Juvenile Crimes

In the state of Nevada, the juvenile court has jurisdiction over children under the age of 18 who are accused of committing a crime. It should come as no surprise that a juvenile offense is a serious matter and can negatively alter a child’s life if convicted. 

In some instances, a juvenile record can be grounds for a child being expelled from school, especially if the crime in question occurred on school property. In fact, many of the schools throughout Clark County have a strict zero-tolerance policy, particularly for drug crimes or weapon charges. 

There are also many more consequences that can follow a child into adulthood if they’re convicted of a juvenile offense in Nevada. Any criminal accusation against a juvenile must be taken seriously and met with an aggressive legal defense.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are vigorously prosecuted in Nevada and can have harsh consequences on an individual’s liberty and future. In fact, in some cases, a sex crime can carry a stronger penalty than a murder or homicide charge. 

The laws are designed to protect accusers in sex crime cases, but often times innocent people are accused of sex crimes. If you are charged and convicted of a sex crime you will be placed on the Nevada Public Safety (DPS), Sex Offender Registry, which is a public record and public information, this can have devastating consequences for an individual seeking housing or employment. 

See NRS 179D.117 (Tier III offenders in Nevada), NRS 179D.115 (Tier II offenders in Nevada), and NRS 179D.113 (Tier I offenders in Nevada). At the Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers, we have extensive experience in the defense of cases involving:

Sexual Assault

Statutory Sexual Seduction

Child Pornography

Indecent Exposure

Open or Gross Lewdness


Sex Trafficking

Failure to register as a sex offender

Internet Sex Crimes


We Will Ensure Your Rights Are Protected

Understanding Your Legal Rights

In order for a conviction to take place, the prosecution must satisfy certain evidentiary and due process requirements to charge an individual with a crime in Clark County, Las Vegas. The Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers routinely witnesses prosecutors fail to have sufficient evidence to support a charge, or, attempt to use evidence that was improperly obtained. 

A Las Vegas criminal lawyer will ensure your rights are protected. Nevada crimes are divided into two major categories: felonies and misdemeanors.


Misdemeanor crimes in Nevada are less serious in nature and are generally punishable by payment of a fine, probation, community service, and restitution. However, misdemeanor convictions include the possibility of prison time, meaning you still need a strong defense strategy against misdemeanor charges to avoid serious consequences.


Felony convictions in Nevada are punishable by prison sentences ranging from one year to life in prison without parole. Therefore, it is imperative you contact a Nevada criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after a felony charge. Regardless of the specific felony crime prosecutors allege, having an experienced legal team leading your legal team gives you the best chance at achieving a fair outcome.

The U.S. Constitution protects you from unfair treatment when facing serious felony charges, but without a strong attorney, the criminal justice system often fails to protect your rights. The Spartacus Law Firm will balance the scales, making the legal system work for you.

What To Do If You're Arrested In Nevada?

Stay Calm

We understand that being arrested can be an extremely distressing experience, but it's crucial to remain as composed as possible and think rationally about your next steps. Refrain from making hasty decisions and remember that your first action should be to contact your lawyer.

Call Our Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer

According to the U.S. Supreme Court case Gideon v. Wainwright, you have the right to call an attorney, and it's imperative to exercise this right promptly. Your Las Vegas criminal lawyer can promptly discuss your case with you and strategize the next steps.

Exercise Your Right to Silence

Regardless of the police's instructions, refrain from speaking and assert your right to silence. Whether you reside in Nevada or are visiting the Strip, the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court case of Miranda v. Arizona grant you the right to remain silent when arrested.

Your silence cannot be held against you, but any statements you make can be used to build a case against you. By remaining silent, you can work with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas to construct your defense effectively.

Cooperate with the Arresting Officer

When we advise compliance, we do not mean that you should make a statement if the arresting officer requests one. Instead, refrain from physically resisting the arrest or attempting to flee. Resisting the arrest can lead to additional charges.

Refuse Consent to a Search

Regardless of where the arrest happens, law enforcement may ask to search your vehicle, home, hotel room, or other locations. Do not consent. You have the right to refuse, and any evidence found could result in further charges.

The Collateral Consequences Of A Criminal Conviction in las vegas, nevada

A criminal conviction in Nevada can have many collateral consequences that stretch beyond imprisonment and fines. These consequences can include the loss of professional licenses, difficulty obtaining housing and new job opportunities, ineligibility for certain benefits or public funds, and even deportation for immigrants. 

These consequences are significant and often overlooked. However, with the help one of the best Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers, there are plenty of defense strategies that can be deployed to limit criminal penalties or avoid a conviction altogether. At Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers, we’re ready to help you now in the toughest criminal cases in the state and federal courts of Nevada.

Unlike other legal professionals, a local criminal lawyer has intimate knowledge of the Nevada courts and prosecutors likely to handle your case. Ensuring the best possible chance of success in your case is crucial. Our trusted Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, familiar with the prosecuting attorney’s tactics, can significantly benefit your case. The outcome of your criminal case could either drastically and negatively impact your life or result in minimal change. Our goal is to achieve an outcome that minimizes any adverse effects on you and your family.

Criminal Defense For
Professional Licenses

The consequences of a criminal conviction can be and are often life-altering. These consequences are even more significant if you are a licensed professional such as a doctor, nurse, teacher, law enforcement officer, pharmacist, airline pilot, member of the armed forces, or other licensed professional. 

At the Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers, we do not just focus on the specific criminal charge, but we also contemplate the potential collateral consequences a criminal accusation can have on your current or future professional career. If you are a licensed professional, you need to seek quality, aggressive, knowledgeable legal representation at the earliest stages of the criminal prosecution in order to minimize the harsh consequences a criminal accusation can have on your career, reputation, and future. 

Professionals that we represent and fight to protect their licenses include the following:




Funeral Directors


Social Workers

Real Estate Brokers


Child Care Professionals



And More

Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Questions

A Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer can always obtain police reports for their clients. In some cases, police reports can help strengthen your defense and highlight areas of importance, Conversely, you can request police reports on your own directly from the police department. For the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), people can request reports online or in person.

In order to get a record sealed in Nevada, defendants must formally petition the court. In most cases, misdemeanor convictions are sealable one year after the case ends, but some misdemeanor cases can take longer before a record can be sealed. For example, misdemeanor DUI convictions require a seven-year waiting period. Additionally, any charge that gets dismissed may be sealed right away. Some of the most common defenses that can help dismiss a criminal charge include the following:

  • Self-defense
  • Accident
  • Consent
  • Lack of criminal intent
  • Police misconduct

Those who are facing misdemeanor charges in Nevada usually are not required to go to court as long as their criminal defense attorney appears on their behalf. However, in felony cases, whether the defendant needs to appear in court depends on the charges and the individual judge. If any criminal case reaches trial, the defendant would then need to appear in court. Although during the COVID-19 crisis, courts have become more flexible in terms of allowing defendants to waive their appearances, so it’s possible your attorney may be able to appear on your behalf or negotiate a virtual appearance.

First off you need defense counsel that has a working knowledge of Nevada law, the criminal rules of procedure, and a willingness to litigate a case and not simply negotiate a resolution. Here are some ways that we litigate a criminal matter at the Spartacus Law Firm.

Motion to Dismiss

One of the most powerful and dispositive pre-trial motions is a Motion to Dismiss the case. Motions to dismiss can be based upon inadequate evidence to prove each and every element of the criminal offense. Motions to dismiss can also be successful if there was police or prosecutorial misconduct in your matter. Early disclosure of what is known as Brady/Giglio and Jencks material should be made by the State or Government in order to ensure that a criminal defendant has access to and sufficient time to review all relevant discovery material including exculpatory evidence. Failure to provide this material in a timely fashion can result in criminal charges being dismissed as a sanction against the prosecuting entity. Any prosecutor who has ever faced an accusation of a Brady/Giglio violation knows the uncomfortable emotions that go along with it. Suddenly it is not the defendant who is on trial but the prosecutor. At the Spartacus Law Firm we conduct a thorough review of pretrial materials and discovery along with our own independent investigation to ensure that no Brady/Giglio violations have occurred and if they have occurred we vigorously litigate the issue.

Motions in Limine

Motions in Limine are powerful defense tools to exclude certain evidence outside the presence of the jury. Excluding certain evidence can greatly weaken the prosecution's case and can result in a positive negotiated resolution or dismissal. Motions in Limine can also be used to include certain evidence which may be helpful for a defendant.

Motions to Suppress

Motions to Suppress evidence based upon 4th or 5th Amendment violations to the United States Constitution can often result in a dismissal of a criminal case. The grant of a suppression motion means the evidence can not be used in court. For example, if the police obtain a faulty warrant to search your residence and they find drugs, the object of the search may be suppressed. When the search warrant is challenged, because the warrant was faulty the drugs will be suppressed and the criminal case must be dismissed. Common evidence that may be suppressed includes:

  • Drugs
  • Guns or weapons
  • Confessions
  • Results of a drug or alcohol blood test
  • Financial records
  • Photographs
  • Wiretaps and audio recordings
  • Witness Testimony
A bench warrant, also known as a capias, is an official directive issued by a judge to compel the appearance of the defendant before the court. Differing from a criminal warrant that is typically issued by the police based on probable cause for the arrest of an individual not in custody, a judge issues a bench warrant when the defendant has failed to appear or violated a court order, among other reasons.

The issuance of a bench warrant indicates the judge's belief that a rule or court order has been breached. Consequently, this can impact the judge's decision regarding the defendant's eligibility for release on bond. Furthermore, should the defendant be found guilty of a crime during court proceedings, this information can influence the court's considerations in determining an appropriate sentence.

If you are aware of the existence of a bench warrant for your arrest, it is strongly advised to take proactive measures to arrange your surrender. Engaging the services of a criminal defense lawyer can facilitate this process on your behalf. Demonstrating this act of good faith may potentially help alleviate some of the detrimental consequences that can arise from violating a court order in relation to your case.
Every individual facing criminal charges is entitled to legal representation. Regrettably, some defendants opt to proceed without counsel despite the court's advice. This decision often stems from the misconception that their arrest is a mere misunderstanding and that by personally addressing the judge, they can successfully avoid a conviction. However, such beliefs are not grounded in reality.

By the time your case reaches the court, the prosecution has substantiated their case with compelling evidence. Without the legal expertise and experience required to scrutinize the prosecution's evidence, formulate a robust defense strategy, and effectively present it in court, the likelihood of being convicted is exceedingly high. Even seasoned attorneys who find themselves accused of crimes engage top-tier criminal defense lawyers to represent them. If you are facing criminal charges in Nevada, we urge you to reach out to the esteemed Spartacus Law Firm. Attorney Chandon S. Alexander will meticulously assess all aspects of your case, conduct witness depositions, file necessary motions, and vigorously defend your rights within the confines of the law.
At the Spartacus Law Firm, our legal team strongly believes that all accused persons have the right to professional criminal defense, regardless of wealth or income. We recognize that not everyone who is caught up in the criminal justice system has the resources to hire a private criminal defense lawyer. That’s why we sometimes offer pro-bono representation for our clients. Naturally, we are not able to accommodate all of these requests. If you bring your case to us and we are not able to help you, we can refer you to other criminal defense lawyers who handle pro-bono cases.
While every criminal case is different, there are some common threads regarding legal defense strategies. Here are some of the most effective legal defense strategies for specific cases.

Invalid Search

In order for the police to search your person, vehicle, residence, or other property, they must have your consent or obtain a search warrant, or there must be a warrant exception. If the police conduct an illegal search, any evidence they uncover are fruits of the poisonous tree. In other words, they’re inadmissible in court. For example, the police stop you for a traffic infraction but decide to remove you from your vehicle and go through your pockets and find drugs. Without being able to provide a reason for this search, it’s a violation of your Fourth Amendment rights. A diligent criminal defense lawyer could file a motion to suppress, and if the court agrees it was an unlawful search, it would make the discovery of the narcotics inadmissible.

Illegal Stop

Law enforcement officers possess the authority to initiate a stop based on various grounds, such as observing a traffic infraction, noting suspicious conduct, or perceiving a resemblance to an individual associated with a criminal incident. Nevertheless, there are instances where officers halt individuals without adequate justification. In the event that the court determines such a stop to be unlawful, any evidence obtained by the police or statements elicited from the individual become inadmissible.

Coerced Confession

You possess the entitlement to exercise your right to remain silent, which can prove vexing to law enforcement officers endeavoring to construct a case. In their pursuit of obtaining responses, police personnel may resort to illicit tactics in their quest for an admission or confession. Your criminal defense attorney possesses the capacity to contest a statement acquired unlawfully by means of a motion to suppress. Frequently, the absence of the confession significantly weakens the prosecution's case, ultimately resulting in its dissolution.

Improper Identification

One technique that police use to solidify their probable cause is a show-up, or Terry stop. However, the police can make the error of moving the suspect from the location where they were stopped. This can invalidate the stop. Additionally, when the police utilize photo lineups, they are supposed to choose photos of other individuals who are similar in appearance to the suspect. However, to get the desired outcome, the police often use dissimilar images. If this happened in your case, your criminal defense lawyer could challenge the integrity of the lineup in a motion to suppress the results.

DUI Defenses

Despite the prevalence of DUI cases in the state of Nevada, drunk driving investigations encompass several phases, thus affording a diligent DUI defense attorney with numerous avenues for defense. Among the commonly employed DUI defenses are:
  • Illegal stop
  • Inadequate articulation of physical indicators
  • Improper administration of roadside exercises
  • Coerced administration of BAC tests
  • Absence of a witness to confirm control of the vehicle in traffic collisions
It is crucial to acknowledge that the legal standard of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is exceptionally stringent. Nonetheless, it is important to recognize the extensive training and high conviction rates of police officers and prosecutors. Therefore, engaging the services of a proficient private criminal defense attorney presents your optimal opportunity for securing an acquittal or a reduction in charges.

las vegas Dismissals & Reductions

State vs Individual, 2023

Charge: State of Nevada Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology & Hearing Aid Dispensing Board charged a License Violation of Chapter 637B of the Nevada Revised Statutes or the Nevada Administrative Code.

Disposition: Case Dismissed

State vs Individual, 2023

Charge: License Violation of Chapter 637B of the Nevada Revised Statutes or the Nevada Administrative Code.

Disposition: Case Dismissed

State vs Individual, 2023

Charge: License Violation

Disposition: Case Dismissed

State vs. Individual, 2023

Charge: DUI 1st violation of NRS 484C.110, 484C.400, 484C.105. Motion to Suppress Blood Draw Filed

Disposition: Case Dismissed

State vs. Individual, 2022

Charge: DUI 1st violation of NRS 484C.110, 484C.400, 484C.105

Disposition: Case reduced to a careless driving citation

State vs. Individual, 2022

Charge: DUI 1st violation of NRS 484C.110, 484C.400, and WPCC 10.28.020. Motion to Dismiss Filed

Disposition: Case Dismissed

State vs. Individual, 2023

Charge: Domestic Battery, 1st Offense violation of NRS 200.485.1a

Disposition: Case Dismissed

State vs. Individual, 2023

Charge: False Statement to Police Officer violation of NRS 197.190, Prostitute engage in prostitution or solicitation violation of NRS 201.354.1

Disposition: Case Dismissed

State vs. Individual, 2022

Charge: Use Of A Minor As Subject of Sexual Portrayal In A Performance, Luring Children Or Mentally Ill Persons With Use Of Technology With The Intent To Engage In Sexual Conduct, Kidnapping Of A Minor, Lewdness With A Child Under 16, Statutory Sexual Seduction.

Disposition: Case Negotiated to Misdemeanor Lewd And/Or Dissolute Conduct.

State vs. Individual, 2022

Charge: Theft, Value Less Than $650.00, Burglary While In Possession Of A Firearm Or Deadly Weapon, Robbery - With The Use Of A Deadly Weapon Or Tear Gas, Kidnapping, First Degree - With The Use Of A Deadly Weapon Or Tear Gas.

Disposition: Case Dismissed

USA vs. Individual, 2022

Charge: Violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 922(g)

Disposition: Motion To Suppress Granted, Government Appealed To The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Suppression Upheld, Case Dismissed

State vs. Individual, 2022

Charge: Coercion Sexually Motivated

Disposition: Case Dismissed

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At Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers, we take immense pride in being the premier legal advocates for the Las Vegas Valley community. Our dedicated Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer is committed to providing unparalleled representation in criminal defense cases throughout the region. With a reputation built on excellence, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of justice, we stand as the foremost defenders of the rights and liberties of our clients.

As the go-to law firm in the Las Vegas Valley, Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers boasts a comprehensive and dynamic approach to handling a wide array of criminal charges. From misdemeanors to felonies, our skilled legal team possess the expertise and tenacity needed to navigate the complex legal landscape. 

No matter if you’re arrested for a DUI in Spring Valley or have a pending domestic violence case in Henderson, we’re here for you. Call Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers now at (702) 660-1234 to schedule your consultation.

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If you are facing state or federal criminal charges in Clark County or the surrounding areas, it is critical that you retain the services of a skilled and aggressive Las Vegas criminal defense attorney. 

At the Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers, our legal team has extensive experience with a variety of criminal charges and can use our legal knowledge and resources to help you obtain the best possible outcome in your case. 

No matter the criminal charge you’re facing, call our office today to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

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