White-Collar Crime

Experience Matters in White-Collar Crime Matters

White-collar crime is in a class of crimes committed by professionals, business people and public officials that generally involves a deliberate attempt to mislead others.

While these crimes are non-violent, they carry significant penalties and can have a severe and negative impact on the convicted individual’s family and career.

State and federal prosecutors pursue these cases aggressively.

Many white-collar crimes are charged as felonies with the potential of receiving a sentence of a lengthy prison sentence. Quite often the victim of a white-collar crime has a personal stake in the outcome of the case and pushes the State’s Attorney’s office for the maximum penalty allowed under law.

Aggressively defending against the charges of white collar crimes.

You deserve the experience we have in defending the personal freedoms of individuals facing white collar crime charges. Attorney Chandon S. Alexander will use his skills to scrutinize the prosecution’s case and develop the most effective response to the evidence.
ATM Fraud
Bank Fraud
Casino Fraud
Check Fraud
Computer Fraud
Consumer Fraud
Credit Card Fraud or Identification Theft
Environmental Crimes
Fraud or Theft
Insurance Fraud
Mail or Wire Fraud
Money Laundering
Mortgage Fraud
Public Corruption
RICO Violations
Stock Fraud or Tax Fraud

Penalties for White Collar Crime

The types of crimes that may be called white collar vary widely, so the penalties vary widely as well. Possible punitive outcomes for white collar crime convictions include:
Community Service
Property Forfeiture

If you have been charged with a white-collar crime, obtaining the services of Spartacus Law Firm as soon as possible is critical.

Attorney Chandon S. Alexander has handled white-collar crime cases in both state and federal courts. If you’re being investigated for a white-collar criminal offense, let us put our years of experience to work for you.
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