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dentist DUI in nevada

Dentists Charged With DUI In Nevada

Dentists Charged With DUI In Nevada

Driving under the influence is a very serious charge in Nevada, and penalties for offenders can be extremely harsh, such as high fines, jail time, loss of driver’s license, community service, and mandatory treatment. Additionally, if a dentist is charged with DUI, the potential consequences could be even worse in terms of their career. Even first-time criminal offenses can affect a dentist’s license, depending on the severity of the crime and the circumstances surrounding the offense. While DUI charges are taken very seriously in Nevada, the state also recognizes the need to help those struggling with substance abuse, especially medical professionals. So, if you’re wondering “can you have a DUI and be a dentist?”, or “can a DUI affect my dental license?”, continue reading and reach out to Spartacus Law Firm for more information about how we can help. 

How Does a DUI Charge Impact Dentists In Nevada?

Dentists are always under pressure to act professionally and be accountable for their mistakes. According to Chapter 632.120 of the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS), which discusses medical professions in detail, including proper conduct and duties, disclosing any criminal convictions they have had in the past, including DUI misdemeanors or felonies, as part of the application process.

According to Nevada law, a dentist who has been convicted of a misdemeanor and fails to include the information in their license application may have their license revoked or denied by the Nevada Board Of Dental Examiners for fraudulent or false representation. The licensee’s outcome will be determined by a variety of factors. Not only will the Board consider the risk to both the dentist and public safety, but they will also examine the following variables:

  • The circumstances surrounding the conviction such as the nature and severity of the act
  • The dentist’s prior record of DUIs and time elapsed between the convictions
  • Whether the conviction is a felony DUI or if the offense resulted in another person’s injury or death
  • Probable harm to the public and to patients in the dentist’s care
  • How the dentist plans to prevent future infractions and includes other rehabilitation plans in his/her life

Can You Have A DUI And Still Become A Dentist?

Yes, you can have a DUI and work as a dentist in Nevada. However, that does not guarantee that the Nevada Board Of Dental Examiners will allow you to work in the field or grant your license to do so. As previously said, many factors are considered while deciding whether or not an applicant with a misdemeanor DUI conviction is qualified to become a dentist. Even if a dentist charged with DUI is accepted by the Board, he or she is likely to face consequences in order to practice.

Can A DUI Affect Your Dentist License?

Nevada’s DUI laws include a slew of consequences for drivers caught driving under the influence. Dentists who are convicted of DUI face additional professional penalties from the Nevada Board Of Dental Examiners. The Board will determine and agree on specific penalties for each case. Discipline from the Board may include:

  • Revoked or suspended dental license (NRS 632.347)
  • Probation period where the dentist is not allowed to work
  • May be allowed to continue working under strict supervision

What Happens If a Dentist Doesn’t Report A DUI Charge To The Nevada Board Of Dental Examiners?

The Nevada Board Of Dental Examiners is more likely to forgive you if you are honest about your DUI charge rather than if they find out on their own. It may be tempting to keep information regarding your convictions a secret, but dentists are obligated by law to report any and all criminal activity. If an investigation reveals that you lied about your record, the consequences will be much harsher than if you had been forthcoming from the beginning. In some cases, law enforcement may report the incident to your employer or office talk may get around to the wrong person. The best thing you can do is be honest about your convictions, and request legal aid from a qualified Nevada DUI attorney.

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