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Your license. Your reputation. Your livelihood.

As a medical professional, you have worked diligently to obtain your credentials, career, and reputation. Medical healthcare professionals are held to tremendously high and stringent standards from the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners. Various regulatory bodies are tasked with protecting the public’s health, safety, and welfare and consequently they take allegations of misconduct seriously.

Our experienced Nevada Law Firm can assist you with any licensing related issues or problems such as:
Investigations by professional boards or agencies
Defense in any investigatory or disciplinary hearing or action involving a professional licensing body
Criminal convictions or arrests
Failure to comply with minimum standards of care
Defense against accusations which may result in sanctions, suspension, probation, restrictions of practice or revocation of your license
Appeals of disciplinary actions
Applications for a professional license or a denial of a professional license
Requests for modification of discipline
If you have become the target of an investigation or have been contacted by the Nevada Medical Review Board, you MUST take proactive action and develop a well-crafted plan to protect your license, your reputation, and livelihood. In some cases, early intervention may prevent a formal accusation from being rendered. At Spartacus Law Firm, we understand the intricacies of healthcare professional license defense. Attorney, Chandon S. Alexander, brings the requisite trial experience and in-depth knowledge of the issues you need to prevail in a fight for your license, reputation, and livelihood.

We represent Medical licensed professionals:

Physician Assistants
Respiratory Care Therapists
Social Workers
Other Healthcare Professionals
As a firm dedicated to protecting healthcare licensed professionals, our number one concern is protecting your license. If you are facing an investigation against the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners, difficulty obtaining your license, a revocation proceeding, or legal issues in your medical practice our law firm can help you. To minimize potential sanctions, suspensions, revocations, or other disciplinary measures, you need a highly strategic legal counsel to protect you from governmental investigation and disciplinary proceedings.

our expertise is your success

Oftentimes with early intervention, remedial measures can be adopted to avoid disciplinary sanctions. These intervention strategies include additional education, compliance procedures, competency testing and evaluations, therapy or health professionals assistance programs. You need a law firm that understands the best strategic approach to minimize damage to your license, reputation, and livelihood.


Spartacus Law Firm provides a strategic and comprehensive approach to vigorously protect your rights and defend healthcare professionals before various Nevada State and Federal Agencies and Disciplinary Boards. Our Firm has the experience you need to obtain the results you want to allow healthcare professionals to keep their license to practice while minimizing and mitigating harsh consequences.

You have worked hard for your license. Allow Spartacus Law Firm to work hard for you to protect your license.

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