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what is a casino marker

What Is A Casino Marker?

Understanding Casino Markers In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an exciting vacation destination that encourages people to let loose and forget their normal routines. However, it can be easy to get carried away with gambling while in Las Vegas. Criminal charges related to unpaid casino markers should not be taken lightly, as you could face jail time. However, at Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers, we have years of experience fighting for our client’s rights in court. Our Las Vegas casino markers attorney can represent and defend you against these charges – and with the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side, you may be able to avoid significant consequences. To learn more about how we can help call our office today for a consultation.

What Is A Casino Marker?

So, what is a casino marker? A casino marker is a loan with zero interest that the casino allows you to establish with them so that you can play without having to carry extra cash. Its purpose is for your convenience and it is expected to be paid back within 30 days.

In Nevada, casino markers are similar to personal checks. If a marker is signed and used without the necessary funds to cover the amount, and if it’s not paid back in full, casinos have the right to prosecute it as they would a bad check. Presently, an unpaid casino marker that’s worth more than $250 can be filed as a felony charge in Nevada.

Nevada Law For Casino Markers

If you don’t repay your casino marker in Nevada, the state considers it bank fraud. This is because if the casino tries to deposit the check and there isn’t enough money to cover the debt, then by law the person is presumed to have had fraudulent intent.

NRS 205.130 states that “[A] person who willfully, with an intent to defraud, draws or passes a check or draft to obtain … [c]credit extended by any licensed gaming establishment … when the person has insufficient money, property or credit with the drawee of the instrument to pay it in full upon its presentation, is guilty[.]”

So, if the casino tried to pass or redeem the marker and you didn’t have enough money in your account, they just need to show that. If you don’t repay the marker within 30 days, it goes to the D.A’s office for prosecution automatically. If you got a notice from Clark County Courts about an outstanding casino marker, call us right away for a free review of your case. We’ll help ease your journey through court proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Casino Markers Work?

Casino markers are essentially zero-interest loans that casinos extend to patrons as an incentive to gamble. Legally, these lines of credit are treated like checks. Patrons are expected to pay them back within 30 days (usually). Practically speaking, casino markers make gambling more convenient. Without these cash advances, patrons would have to carry large amounts of money on their person or rely on ATMs and pay extra fees.

What Happens If You Can’t Pay Casino Marker?

Casinos offer markers as a way to gamble, but if you don’t pay them back within the specified time period (usually 30 days), the casino will come after you. They may try to collect the debt themselves before involving law enforcement, and they’ll send you a letter first requesting that you pay up.

If you don’t repay the debt, the casino will first try to collect from the bank account you provided when applying for credit. If there isn’t enough money in that account, they’ll send you a certified letter. Finally, if all else fails or if nothing changes by this point, they’ll file a complaint with Clark County District Attorney’s office.

Depending on the offense, you will be charged with crimes such as passing a bad check, making false statements to obtain benefits, forgery, identity theft, misrepresentation of assets, or obtaining money by false pretenses. If you do not respond to the certified letter from the District Attorney within 10 days after receiving it and pay the required fees along with court costs related to the complaint, the DA’s office will pursue filing a criminal complaint against you which would then result in a warrant being issued for your arrest.

How Do You Pay Back Casino Markers?

There are a few measures casinos take to collect money from unpaid markers, before taking the person to court. The following must occur before the debt is sent to the courts.

  1. If you don’t repay your casino marker within 30 days, the casino will try to resubmit the check to your bank to get the funds.
  2. If the debtor cannot repay the debt after the second attempt, the casino will send a certified letter. This notice usually provides 10 days for repayment of the patron’s loan directly to the casino.
  3. If the marker is still unpaid at this point, then the casino files a bad check complaint with the district attorney’s office. Now, the district attorney’s office becomes responsible for collecting the debt from the patron. Similar to any other type of debt collector, additional fees will accrue over time.
  4. If you do not repay your debt within the next ten days, per the final certified letter sent by the D.A.’s office, an arrest warrant will be issued.
  5. Once an arrest warrant is issued for failing to pay a casino marker, the police aren’t actively searching for you since this is a non-violent offense. Usually, arrests happen when you’re pulled over for another infraction. If this occurs, call Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers immediately.

What Are The Penalties For Failing To Pay A Casino Marker?

Failing to pay back a casino marker could result in some heavy penalties. If the total value of the marker is less than $650 and you don’t have enough money to cover it, you’ll be charged with a misdemeanor. The potential consequences for this crime include jail time of up to 6 months and fines reaching $10,000. If the amount of the marker was more than $650 dollars, you’re looking at being slapped with a category D felony charge- Which comes with 4 years in prison and fine possibilities of up to $5,000. Not only that but you’ll also be expected to repay the entire amount of what’s owed on the markers plus any administrative fees tacked on.

Contact Our Casino Marker Defense Attorney

If you’re stuck with an unpaid casino marker, you need to get aggressive, skilled representation immediately. We can help minimize the consequences and potentially avoid a conviction altogether. Contact Spartacus Criminal Defense Lawyers today for a consultation and to learn more about how we can help you.

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